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From the Founder

From the Founder

Welcome to Golfabella®!


Like many of you, I share a passion for golf that goes beyond the course. For me, golf is about camaraderie, fitness, business networking and personal growth.


My passion for designing elegant garments that fit flawlessly started in 1998 when I launched my first brand of dancewear – RP Collection. Creating collections for dancers for over two decades taught me how to combine performance and style for ever-moving dancers.


As a business leader and member of numerous professional organizations, I have realized the value of golfing for professional networking. My goal is to help ladies look and feel on top of their game on the golf course.


As a Pilates instructor, competitive ballroom dancer and cyclist – fitness has always been a part of my life. Being physically active has numerous benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health. Today, like never before, it's more important to focus on well-being, because health is our biggest asset! Golf offers an incredible opportunity for social, mental, and physical development.


I would have never guessed that a college project in an entrepreneurship class, over 20 years ago, would grow into my true American Dream – building multiple successful global brands, creating jobs, becoming a Harvard Business School Alumna and most importantly – offering products and services that enhance people's lives.


I look forward to celebrating women's golf fashion, so you can deliver your best game in style. Thank you for trusting Golfabella™ with your golf attire and see you on the green!



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