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Golfabella Difference

Golfabella Difference

Impeccable Style

Inspired by elegant, accomplished, and worldly ladies, Golfabella® has masterfully designed garments that are iconic in style and emit sophistication. While your style for work and home is refined and perfected, we are committed to elevating your look on the golf course and in the club house. 

Perfect Fit

When it’s time to perform on the golf course, your Golfabella® garment will provide freedom of movement and full-coverage. Our multi-step fitting process and intricate pattern creation produces a solid foundation for flawlessly-fitting and functional garments, so you can focus on your golf game with the confidence of a great outfit that feels made especially for you.

Technical Fabrics

With unlimited fabrics to choose from, Golfabella® is committed to using the most innovative technical fabrics designed to support top-performance on the golf course and comfort in the club house. Our Italian-made fabrics feature UV SPF 50+ protection, cooling properties, four-way stretch, breathability, moisture-wicking and so much more!

Incredible Experience

Golf is more than a game – it is an opportunity to connect with friends, network professionally, and stay physically active. Golfabella® is a community of like-minded golf enthusiasts who support each other, share ideas, and learn together. We welcome you to join us at one of our golf outings, fashion shows and networking events. Brilliant things happen when great people come together over a shared passion!

Sustainability Impact

The entire Golfabella® collection is crafted with the most eco-friendly fabrics, including a fully recycled high-end nylon fabric made from discarded fishing nets from under the sea. Additionally, all raw materials dyed and processed meet human ecological standards using technologies to monitor and reduce waste and pollution. We are dedicated to a slow fashion approach of taking into consideration all aspects of the supply chain to ensure people and the environment are respected and cared for. 

Made in Italy

The reputation of European manufacturing has always appealed to those who appreciate quality, craftsmanship and tradition. Having the Golfabella® collection crafted in Europe allows us to provide products made by well-respected workers using the best materials with an incredible attention to detail and passion for perfection. Our artisans have generations of excellence in their history, and their skillsets are in demand worldwide.

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