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How To Transition Your Look From The 18th To The 19th Hole

How To Transition Your Look From The 18th To The 19th Hole

Looking your best on and off the golf course are equally important. After a rewarding round of 18 holes, we must not forget to stop at the 19th hole, a.k.a. the clubhouse bar. Though playing the game and enjoying celebratory drinks afterward are very different occasions, the dress code between the two is similar. There are certainly minor differences, however, the goal of transitioning your attire from the 18th to 19th hole is to maintain the same level of sophistication and professionalism as was shown on the course. Luckily, Golfabella apparel makes the transition to the clubhouse as effortless as possible with high-quality Italian fabrics, delicate piping, feminine cuts, and gorgeously detailed buttons and zippers. 

Before styling your outfit for the 19th hole, it is always important to inquire about the clubhouse rules at the course you are playing at. As you deserve to be comfortable after a long round of golf, there is still a certain expectation of dress code that is to be upheld, and items like hats and jeans do not often meet those standards. It is important to keep your apparel within the same realm of professionalism both on and off the course, and this includes the club house.

A simple yet effective way to help transition your look from the 18th to the 19th hole is to treat the clubhouse as you would the course. In essence, what you would likely wear to a professional golf outing would be deemed appropriate for post-golf libations. If you are going for a simple yet sophisticated look, any look from the Golfabella signature collection is a perfect choice. A personal favorite? The Signature Sleeveless Dress. This classic piece presents itself as both professional and polished while expertly flattering the frame. Available in both solid and combination colors, the delicate white piping highlights the feminine cut of the dress and aids to outline the perfect silhouette. Its four-way stretch and breathability will allow you full range of movement to play your best on the course, and will provide the utmost comfort when you’re relaxing at the clubhouse.

However, if you are looking to add a bit more flair to your 19th hole look, the Calla Dress is an excellent choice. Unlike other pieces we feature, the Calla is unique in the sense that it is offered in a mixture of Passionate Pink/Cobalt Blue. The stunning blue collar and sleeves offer a striking contrast to the A-line shaped body of the dress, beautifully elevating the look. The Calla Dress is the perfect combination of elegant and sporty given its added flair of a drawstring waist. Additionally, its convenient pockets serve as the perfect addition to hold golf balls and tees on the course, as well as your lipstick for the 19th hole. Not to worry - if you’re looking for a lighter color, the Calla Dress is also available in the combination Elegant Mint/Brilliant White.

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